Diabetic Direct FAQ’s

About 10 minutes start to finish, if you have your information on hand when you start. You’ll need Dr.’s info, your beneficiaries, bank info, etc.

Our life insurance covers diabetics on day one! Most companies that will even consider a diabetic make you wait around 2 years for complete coverage to take effect.

Immediately! Our process is totally automated. Go through the steps and you’ll be presented with options right now!
The underwriting is totally automated, so there’s no wait. (We’re the first to do this, by the way!)
No, it stays the same, and will remain in effect as long as you continue to pay the premiums.

As soon as you’re finished you’ll be able to download and print out a .pdf file of your policy. All nice, and tidy and official!

“Once you’re in, you’re in!” You cannot be cancelled or rated up if your health changes.
Sure you can! With Life Insurance you have to be able to show an ‘insurable interest’ in the person on which you are buying the policy. Family members count as an insurable interest, but, for instance your grumpy boss does not!
Term Life lasts for a ‘term’, or a period of time, then it expires. This is great for people with young families and those in really good health. Whole life lasts for your ‘whole life’, as long as you continue to pay the premiums. diabetic direct offers whole life products.
Nope, there are no agents involved, unless you just want to speak with one. Our process is totally automated.
Yes, and the good thing about that, is it gives them a lifetime of insurability, because the policy is a Whole Life policy.